We conduct Clinical meetings on regular basis, enabling us to provide a platform to interact with Physicians, Pharmacist & other Faculty members to understand their views about products. Following services are integral part of our commitment to our clients around the globe.

Market Research:

Near to accurate market information helps in assessing market potential for specific products. Before we propose any product to importing company, we ensure that we provide him with possible product potential.

Marketing Strategy:

Based on market research and inputs from various local sources, we provide suitable and effective marketing strategy. This is part of our brand flagship activity.

Promotional Support:

Based on market strategy, we do provide substantial technical data from reliable sources about our products. Whenever possible, we also provide Visual Aid, Product Literatures, Compliments etc.

Marketing Personnel Training:

Before product launch, we ensure that all the marketing personnel undergo adequate product training. We also ensure that entire team has common understanding of marketing strategy.

Product Launch:

Depending upon market and products, official product launch Programs are undertaken.

Post Launch Sales Monitoring:

This is an important aspect of our efforts to ensure that products are sold to consumers. This exercise gives us an opportunity to keep us up to date with market requirements and also helps us in addressing product related issues if any.


This is key area of our operations. Without this, we may not be able to move at faster pace. Hence, most of the time, we first prepare country specific registration documents before identifying suitable partner.


Our full-fledged regulatory department is always ready to provide you with needed support on this front.

Country Specific Registration Sample:

Dossiers are submitted along with registration samples. Samples are made as per stipulated guidelines of importing country.

Post Submission Follow up:

Time is the essence of registration activity. Hence, we do make regular follow-up with regulatory authorities of different countries. Our efforts are in addition to the efforts put in by our client.